Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thesis woes

Some day soon I promise I will do more posts. For now, I am just tearing my hair out trying to write and format my thesis. Nothing like spending hours trying to get goggle earth to spit out a decent picture of my study site, and drawing stick figures of my experimental set-up (but I am rather pleased at how much the clip art bushes look like Bugula neritina colonies). The more I refine it, the slower word goes, the more nervous I get. I think I'll go back it up now...

But soon I will be posing about some of the great talks I saw at SICB, including jumping guppies and mantis shrimp cavitation.


Dorid said...

MSN has a map program similar to Google Earth. It does a better job in the Long Beach area. If you haven't gotten a good arial shot, drop me a line and let me know and I'll find the URL for you to go to so you can use the other program.

OR you can search The Radula. I did a post in fall about the differences of the two, showing La Brea. linking the site.

Dorid said...

I see your header now ! LOVE my new Mac (THANKS)