Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Hunter: Hanging

I love sciences, especially biology. I am an unashamed biology nerd. I think nothing brings that home more than this picture I took of a plankton net hanging up to dry in my shower. Currently, I work with larval forms and a plankton net is en essential tool for catching my animals. Here are pictures of some of the things I've caught:

Tunicate larva (aka sea squirts)

Worm larvae

Bryozoan larva (aka moss animal)

There are a lot of things that live floating around in the water, that many people don't get to see because they don't have a microscope (or a plankton net). But that should not discourage those who want to explore their world. There are ways to make plankton nets out of nylon stockings and "children's" scopes that are cheap, but have pretty decent magnification power. If you're not a do-it-yourself type, visit your local aquarium. Often those that are close to a body of water (fresh or marine) will have a plankton life exhibit. Even if they are not close to water, they might show their planktonic cultures which they feed to their fish.


Pretty Life Online said...

Great take on the theme... Mine's up too... Hope you can drop by...

Hawksdomain said...

OMG that is almost too freaky! I don't like to think about little critters I can't see!! :) My PhotoHunt is up as well!

Rho said...

I saw some of those in my DD's wading pool before we dumped it LOL! Very interesting! I know who to ask if we find a funky one!

Kate said...

LOL! I remember that photo. You know, if there isn't one out there, we need a plankton song. Maybe a plankton music video.

Baker Watson said...

LOL - Great photo and great for the theme.

Reminded me of one of the Jeff Foxworthy line's.

"You can tell you are a redneck if you have a transmission in the bathtub."

Just change that to:

"You can tell you are a marine biologist if you have a plankton net hanging in your shower."

I'm bookmarking your blog for more visits when I have some free time. Looks like you have fun!

YTSL said...

Very cool! That you love something so much but also your entry itself. BTW, a couple of months ago, I visited Osaka's amazing aquarium. If you're interested, you can go back to my blog to look at those entries (yes, with photos). :)

admin said...

I like baker watson's comment! Indeed we can tell you're a marine biologist! LOL

I think the larvae look almost cute!! ;-)

Baker Watson said...

Each week I visit many of the PhotoHunt entries. I usually try to give a Gold Star to the entry that impresses me the most either with the quality of the photo, the creativity, the best take on the theme, humor, emotional impact, or some other factor. Basically I pick the one I remember the most.

Of course I don't check out all the entries, but I have probably looked at over 100 this weekend. I think yours deserves this week's Gold Star for the most original and memorable. It just looked like you have fun with what you do.

Last weeks Gold Star recipient:

Eric Heupel said...

Too put this up on and I look in my shower to find?

Yep...A plankton net.