Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mark your calenders!

Mark your calenders for September the 20th for the international coastal clean-up day! On this day, people from around the world will gather and clean up their waterways. Don't live by an ocean? There are clean-ups hosted for creeks, streams, ponds... basically any body of water!

If you want to register online to find out where the clean up closest to you is being held, click here. If you want to contact the clean-up coordinators on your own, there is a list of them here for the US and here for the rest of the world. If there is no clean-up in your area, you can become the host for a clean-up.

This is a great opportunity to help clean-up an area which we all love and cherish, as well as take part in collecting important data on the types and number of trash found around our waterways.

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