Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Harbor

So, I have just gone up to Friday Harbor Laboratories and have been enjoying my immersion in science after quite a long spell without. I am learning all about larval biology, so have been going on field trips to many different sites, like this mudflat pictured above, to look at egg masses and collect larvae.

One of my favorites is this Owenia sp., which is a type of worm that builds tubes out of small sandy particles. This creature has an interesting development, as the juvenile worm develops around the intestine of the larval body. When it is ready to settle, it drops out of the sac where it was developing and eats its old larval body.


Eric Heupel said...

Larval bio??! Friday Harbor?!! More info please!!!! Welcome back! I guess I have to come out if blogtirement soon too!

Brine Queen said...

Yup, I'm taking a five week course with Drs Strathmann and Grunbaum. It's really neat because I am learning a lot of modeling from Grunbaum, and Strathmann just has so much experience and focuses a lot on life history trade-offs (my favorite!).