Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photohunter: Reflection of my inner geekyness

This is a picture of a collection of artifacts I have in my house. The collection is often a surprise to most visitors, but give who we generally hang out with, it ends up being a fascinating conversation piece. Not only does our collection offer a glimpse at our inner geekyness to visitors, but they are often used as educational tools for the various classes and fairs that we teach. Most of these items were gotten from the various institutions that me and my husband have worked at or volunteered for over the years. Often, when departments have to move their collections, things get stuck in a cardboard box in the back halls with a sign saying "free, take me home!".

Some of my favorite pieces are:

  • A 60 million year old sperm whale fossil tooth bought from the Bone Room (a super awesome place), the elongate, black fossil in the front center right.
  • A paper nautilus 'shell', in the open box in front of the true nautilus shell.
  • A copy of an archaeopteryx skull, in the clear black bottomed box in the center.
  • A fossil of an open brachiopod, showing the fossilized internal structures (mainly the brachidium, which supports the lophophore)

It's a good thing my spouse and I both like biology!


Leslie said...

Ahhh... love it! Looks like a great collection to me. ;)

Angela said...

Cool shot!

Annie said...

I think it looks really cool. Great and unique take on our theme this week!

FickleMinded said...

what an interesting information w/ great photo to come with it.

jams o donnell said...

Wow that's a great display. I even recognise some of them,! I may not have studied biology as such since school (did BSc Physiology and biochemistry, then an MSc in Microbiology)but I still find it an utterly fascinating subject.

A wonderful take on this week's theme

A fellow geek

Sreisaat said...

Great collection and thanks for the information. The collection does reflect your lifelong passion :)

philos said...

Wow! This is a cool entry... I like that you were able to show a reflection of you through a reflection of your collections hehe... love it! :)

Shebadoo said...

Nice collection! Nice entry for the photohunt, too!

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Janet said...

What an awesome display and interpretation of the word!