Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love walking into my workplace and seeing stuff like this. This baby pacific seahorse is just three days old and about a centimeter long. The male gave birth to a batch of babies after a 9 day gestation period. Normally, they can hold 2-3,000 eggs in their pouch, but this particular daddy gave birth to only 75. That could be because the female dropped the eggs when she was transferring them to the male, or because she just did not make that many eggs. I am looking forward to seeing these little cuties grow up.

BTW, those dots you see around the seahorse are rotifers, which are the current food source for our babies (and only ~0.5mm long!).


Leslie said...


My students were fascinated by this and they all read your post, and Wikipedia then wrote up what they had learned in their Science books.

One student then brought in one that had been found on a beach.

Brine Queen said...

Somebody found a dried one on the beach? How odd... but what an exciting find for them!